Learn to Play Confident Golf – Stay in the Present and Swing Away

“Sometimes the biggest problem is in your head. You’ve got to believe you can play a shot instead of wondering where your next bad shot is coming from.” – Jack Nicklaus

When you free yourself to play unrestricted, unworried golf you free yourself of many poor shots caused primarily through thinking incorrectly which translates into tension and bad swings. We also call this “Getting out of your own way” and it is the only way to achieve your best on a consistent basis.

If you want to hit good shots so you can build your confidence then you are going to have to do what is necessary to build confidence. If you have a serious technical issue then seek professional coaching and resolve it but remember that many players with seriously ugly swings still play great golf because they believe in themselves, their swing and their prowess at managing it all around the course.

It is always more likely that it is your own lack of confidence in yourself which causes the majority of your swing mistakes and not the technical fault itself.

Jimmy was a client of mine who had problems with a Shank. We worked out a little drill to fix the technical issue, and this allowed him to play with more confidence. A few weeks went by and then he reported he was shanking everything! I invited him to play 9 holes with me and I kept him fully focussed on what he wanted with a shot, never allowing him to think of his dreaded shank. He played 9 holes without a single shank.

He admitted that the dreaded “S” word would cross his mind and then pretty soon he hits one. No wonder he gets what he is thinking about. Since he is making images in his mind of playing the ball off the Hosel it actually happens. He further admitted that when he was shanking everything the thoughts of doing it were constantly in his mind. Do you remember how we get what we focus on?

The fact that he played without shanking when his mind was occupied by better thoughts and not allowed to wander to “what he didn’t want” shows how much the shanking was Made by Thoughts and not by technical issues.

Let me just reinforce that I am not saying technical issues don’t matter, they do. A persistent technical issue needs to be addressed and fixed if you are looking to improve your ability to swing with more consistency and freedom. We are human and a recurring fault causing a bad shot is hard to simply ignore and swing with complete confidence, but unless you want to do the hours of hard work to re-groove your swing mechanics, then focus on using your mind to swing freely.

“Confidence is the most important single factor in this game, and no matter how great your natural talent, there is only one way to obtain and sustain it: work. Don’t be too proud to take lessons. I’m not.” – Jack Nicklaus

You could consider the fact that get your mental game of Golf will do more for your game than any other single aspect of the golf game, presuming you have the right sticks in your bag. Take a lesson from Jack and learn something new today that will have a really positive impact on your ability to play more consistent golf regularly.

Finally let’s put it this way. If you have a swing fault and you have to play golf before you can resolve it through hours and hours of work, are you going to play better by having a solid Mental Game for Golf or by worrying about the swing problem every time you take the club back?

Will you hit better shots thinking about your swing mechanics and worrying about the result before you have even hit the ball, or will you play better and enjoy golf a lot more, if you can learn to hit balls with complete confidence, in the present moment?

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How Do You Define Happiness in the Present Context?

Unmistakably, the modern trend is for affluence, the material success in life that people long for being happy. The life is a combination of freedom of enjoyment and the craving to own expensive commodities. Many people treat it as guaranteed happiness. Does it really mean so?

If money could buy everything including the happiness, the richest man on the earth should have been the happiest person living on this planet. If you examine his private wounds and intrinsic turmoil that he faces every day when he is alone, you would never accept his condition as the leading happiest man on earth. You can sum up with the explanation that financial affluence can make the life comfortable to the highest level and the individual enjoys the best possible physical enjoyment in the world. Happiness is more than the extreme comfort feeling and being wealthiest.

An individual needs caring and sharing. This has very little relation to financial ability of the person. The affection of a mother from the richest family is the same as the affectionate attitude of a farmer woman. Can you deny that? The love, the integrity the kind attitude of the poorest of the poor is unquestionable. After all, each individual hankers for the loving hand in the same way without any distinction of caste, race, quality and economics.

The present scenario has made the individual ill-learned about delicacies of warm feeling for one another. People are going far away from the noble way of caring and sharing of lovable moments. The lesson of materialism has eaten up the soft tissues of the heart and we suffer in unrelenting agony and continue to burn our feelings by just suppressing the human emotion of touching one another with love.

We can still turn the tide in our favor and enjoy the sweetness of happiness in life, if we really care and share the life with our neighbors, the society and with the entire humanity of the planet.

Ideal Wedding Presents For Your Special Couple Friends

Attending weddings is an enjoyable event but you may have a hard time looking for gifts for the couple weeks or even months before the special day. Due to the busy lives we have, the task of looking for the right gift is such a pain sometimes. Take a look of some of the wedding gifts that are easy to find.

For Those Who Love Drinking Coffee

There is solution if the couple loves drinking coffee. One popular coffee system around is the Keurig Coffee maker. It’s unlike the usual coffee pot you just find in the shops where you still need to brew coffee for a longer period of time. The K cup just needs to be placed down the lid and the coffee is brewed in less than one minute.

Keurig literally makes life very easy. This is something you can give couples who are always on the go. It is popular because it’s easy to use. There are a lot of varieties to choose from so these K cups are used by many. With K cups one can easily make coffee, tea or hot cocoa in just one click.

You may also give gift certificates from the couple’s favorite coffee shop as a gift. This is one great gift since they can use it anytime they want.

For Those Who Love Drinking Wine

There are usual overnight stay packages presented by wineries. Not only do they get to taste the finest wine but also enjoy dinner.

If dinner is not an option then just give them a bottle of wine. There are wineries that offer special wines every month. Just make sure to indicate whether the couple wants red or white wine. This is to make sure you are giving something they really like.

Just make sure the recipients are of the right age. This kind of gift is not only ideal for weddings but also for weddings, holidays and birthdays.

How Should You Attractively Present Your Photographs?

Photography is a form of art used to express the human feelings, thoughts and different situations. With the advanced techniques and technology, you can create mesmerizing pictures. With skills and advanced cameras and techniques, you can create the pictures of landscapes, portraiture and glamor picture making.

A person can create visual effects with the help of video editing. There is a variety of video editing software available in the market for you to choose. For prefect picture making, a person should know the audience. The audiences can be your friends, family or colleagues. You can even use the photography for the purpose of publications and galleries. You need to have visual effects for making the pictures attractive and visually appealing. Use a good quality camera with advanced technology for the purpose of photographing the subject well. One can create a picture and apply visual effects on the pictures. If you are creating videos, you can apply fade in and fade out effects. A person can edit the colors for the still images. For instance, you can change or edit the brightness and adjust the contrast of the images. For publications, a person can create the pictures in low resolution so that they can be stored in the Compact Discs, Digital Video Discs and other such devices. At times for the purpose of publication, a person may require preparing a picture for storing or presenting it in slides. Therefore, a photographer should keep the image resolution in mind while storing the images in slides or other such storage devices. It is the responsibility of a photographer to determine how the pictures should be viewed. They can be viewed in the albums for friends and family. For this purpose, decide the size of the pictures so that they appear impressive. You can use special papers, fonts or frames for the pictures in the scrapbooks. A person can even use special quotes by the side of the photograph. If you want it for walls, then the frame should be large enough for lucidity. Ensure that there are no pixels of the image visible and every feature in the picture is fleshed out in an emphatic manner.